Lunar Magic Tutorial 1A (Basic) Level editing



I am going to tell you how to hack Mario.

Hacking is not breaking into a computer it is editing Mario game. So its not illegal. How ever if you upload your smc.file witch is your rom (hack) on to a website without changing to IPS file, it is ILLEGAL!!

Also, do not ask how to get a rom to me!




Lunar Magic is a common tool to hack your Mario. You can insert a custom Back Grounds, Fore Grounds custom Sprites, custom blocks, and custom ASM hacks! sweet!

Ok, once you Downloaded Lunar Magic, its time to hop in to your hacking world!

If you open your rom in Lunar Magic, the level that appears is Level 105 (Yoshi’s Island 1)

you can scroll through the level pressing Page Up and Down.

 Anyway, lets start hacking a Mario Game.

First, lets click on to the ledge (Fore Ground) and delete the ledge. (press delete key to delete sprites, objects, e.t.c..)

Or, if you want to delete all the thing in the level, press Ctrl+delete.

It will delete every thing. (sprites, objects, screen exits e.t.c..)

ok, you deleted a ledge. then click layer 1 (objects)(Its in up)←this one

Make sure you are in Object mode. (Ledge button)←this one

go to 14XY,” Ledge”

then, double click and press ctrl and right click to paste it. (same time dude!!)

I am pretty sure that the ledge well appear to the level.


then paste it whatever place you like it.

ok, you are now familiar how to copy and paste an object. (Layer 1)

Now lets copy and paste sprites! (sprites are enemies or generators)

Click on to this one→(you should)

Then, click on to this one→(A little blue Yoshi)

Then you will get a nice little window that allows you copy it.

Now, lets go to “05 red koopa”.

It should be easy now because it is same as Objects. (copy and paste)

Double click it~ and ctrl+right click. (Again, same time dude!!)

there we go!!

you’ve made it!

Just, recognize that if you switch Object to Sprite, or Sprite to Object, click on to these 2 buttons: to Object→. to Sprite→.

Next, if you want to change a position of level Entrance or Midway Entrance,

First, press F1 in your level. (Then, blue lines well appear)

Then click on to this one→ (The little window well open for sure.)

Then look at your level with blue lines included.

look at left up, it should written 00, 01, 02, 03…. to 1F.

ok, go back to your little window, () and click on to whatever number for Level entrance or Midway Entrance. (00~1F)

do not think that after 09 is 10. Lunar Magic contains as Hex Decimals!

Well, I don’t have a time explaining you what in the hell is Hex Decimal.

So you can google that word when you have a time.

after 09, it is 0A.

If you don’t believe me, go to that blue lines and scroll the level to screen 09. After 09, it should really written 0A.

And one more notice!

After 0F it is NOT! a 0G.

There is not a such a thing called 0G in hex decimals.

All the Hex decimals end at F and return to 0.

e.g. (00, 01, 02, 03, 04 ,05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F end.)


Okay, lets go back to are little window again.

So, you are now familiar with Hex Decimal. To be honest, you should..

So, For instance, if you want to change your midway point 7 to B, you delete what it written first, and you re type it B in Screen number of Midway entrance.

Then check your level, Midway Entrance should move under Screen 0B.


Now a position.

I hope you guys know what is X and Y axis!

Quick review, X axis is horizontal and Y axis is Vertical.

you can change whatever position what you like however, for instance, if you change your midway entrance position, it will effect to your level entrance.

So, screen number can be separated but the position of entrance is same.

Get it?

Last thing of this  little window is that how you entrance the level.

You know? sometimes, Mario entrances the level with pipes.

I am gonna tell how to do that.

below the Modify main and Midway Entrance window, there is a little box that says: Mario Action. If its do nothing it well do nothing. If its horizontal pipe, he will go left or right. If its vertical pipe, Mario will go upwards or Downwards.

And last, if its water level, just click this: “Vertical Pipe Exit Down [Water Level]” it will be a water level for sure.

ok so, I hope this tutorial helped you and see you at Lunar Magic Tutorial 1B!



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